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We engage with cutting-edge revenue leaders at high growth companies who are focused on new customer acquisition, sales intelligence on their target accounts and prospects, or are looking to build out their multichannel digital marketing strategy.

We work intimately with our you to discover your current ideal customers, and use sophisticated machine learning algorithms on a proprietary dataset (along with human verification) to generate audienes with over 75+ fields.

Once we've identified the target accounts, we match thse accounts against our proprietary dataset of over 2 Billion people to find the key decision makers or larger audiences to target.

Our customers use these audience across their marketing and sales channels. From retargeting audiences on digital channels, to sales prospecting, market research and more.

Audience identification is the highest leverage activity for marketing and sales teams (top most part of the funnel). We have seen 2-3x increased on digital campaigns using our audiences, as well countless hours of manual research of target accounts saved.

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