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Data Waterfalls

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Edan Krolewicz
Data Waterfalls

Every sales, marketing, and growth team needs data on their ideal customers for prospecting, but choosing just one vendor is hard.

Typically, revenue generating teams will evaluate one or more vendors and slowly add them to their stack. They may start with a well-known data provider, but soon realize there are significant gaps in the data and decide to onboard another data provider.

This is when the problems start.

  • Which data provider should I use as my single source of truth?
  • How do I map certain fields from one provider into my CRM, but not the other fields?
  • What happens once i validate an email and it turns out not to be valid?
  • How do i ensure that i don't create duplicate contacts?
  • How do i know if the Alexa Rank or technographics from one source is more accurate than another source.
  • How do I avoid double paying for data from multiple providers?

These are the struggles of every GrowthOps, SalesOps, and MarketingOps teams with the problem grows exponentially as that data flows out of their CRM and into other tools.

It quickly becomes a problem that 5-10 people at your company are wrestling with costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Complaints start flooding in from SDRs about data quality, and inevitably the CRO, CMO & VP of Sales are asking Ops:

how did we spend all this money on data but the quality is worse than before?

Unfortunately there hasn't been a good solution to this problem. All data vendors buy data from other vendors, but most vendors are bad at choosing which data to keep on a field by field basis, for example:

  • Using Crunchbase or Pitchbook for funding information
  • Using Builtwith or Wappalyzer for technographics.
  • Using Zoominfo or ExactBuyer for emails & phone numbers.
  • Using SimilarWeb or SEMrush for rankings.
  • Using Google Maps or manual data entry for location data.
  • Using 6sense or Bombora for signals.

Example of a simple data waterfall to fetch contact information from multiple providers.

At ExactBuyer, we've worked on this problem for years and have buillt data waterfalls that pick and choose the best data sources for each contact & company field, merging them all into one record in real-time. That means we provide the freshest information from the most data sources, clean & parse that data, and provide a single schema for you to update your CRM so you never have to deal with data conflicts.

The net result?

For CRO / CMO / VP Sales: Saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in operational inefficiencies, avoid paying for duplicate data, and making sure your campaigns are operating at full capacity at all times.

For Ops: Interfacing with a single vendor that can provide the freshest data every single time you launch a new campaign. Getting to work on more strategic projects instead of spending your entire day fighting data fires.

For front-line reps: A system that just works out of the box with Hubspot & Salesforce.

Want to learn more about our data waterfalls and how they can help simplify your revenue operations? Book a demo with us today.

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