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Exact Match Analysis: Profile of a Growth Leader

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Edan Krolewicz
Exact Match Analysis: Profile of a Growth Leader

We've analyzed the founders from over 3,148 YC companies, and n=4744 founders, to get a deeper look into what these founders have in common.

Using Exact Match, we were able to get a match on 52.3% of YC founders .

Unsurprisingly, the majority of YC founders in large cities in California, New York, and Massachusetts.

YC founders have skills in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Technical skills like Python. Many new founders also have certifications from Coursera, focusing on ML and Deep Learning.

Most YC companies have HQ in California, but Ontario has a growing number of founders accepted to the program. Many founders have previous experience at large companies, with a focus on computer software or internet businesses.

Most founders come from Senior or Director level positions at large companies, often commanding very high salaries. Their titles are expected: CEO and Founders.

YC Founders are overwhelmingly CS & Computer Engineering majors from top schools.


For the most part, YC founders have fairly predictable profiles. They attended top universities, studied computer science or engineering disciplines, build their companies in California, and have interests and skills that lie at the forefront of technology & entrepreneurship.

At ExactBuyer, we work to help these founders at every stage of their journey. From finding beta testers for a new feature, investors for a new round, engineers to hire and partners to grow with.

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