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Firmographic Data on the Digital Frontier

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Edan Krolewicz
Firmographic Data on the Digital Frontier

This annual churn equates to roughly 1.6 million companies, some of which are your exact buyers. (source)

What is firmographic data and how do you use it?

Firmographics is a fancy word to describe everything we know about a company or prospective account. Much of this information can be found online as nearly 85% of new companies have a web presence (source). Data on companies can also be found via their brick and mortar locations as well as local company directories.

Standard Firmographic Filters:

  • Industry Classification
  • Company Structure: Private or Public
  • GTM Strategy: SaaS, License, API
  • Founded Year: How old is the company?
  • Employee Count: How many employees are at the company.
  • Geographical locations: Headquarters & branches
  • Revenue Estimates

Unique Firmographic Filters:

  • Pricing Information: How does the company price it's own products?
  • Products: What type of products does the company sell?
  • Solutions & Services: What services or solutions does the company offer?
  • Business Development Programs: does the company offer partnership or affiliate programs?
  • Agency Type: is the company an brand agency, marketing agency, dev shop, or lone consultant?
  • Social Growth Rates: How quickly is their instagram, facebook, twitter, or linkedin page growing followers?
  • Employee Growth Rates: How does the number of employees at the company change over time.
  • Funding Information: How much money the company has raised, from which investors, and when?
  • Department Size: The number of employees per department
  • Alexa Rank: The companies website rank according to Alexa ratings.
  • Podcast: Does the company host a podcast?
  • Blog: Does the company have a blog? (Maybe they need one ;)

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